Value Creator

Fortius Capital unlocks an array of value for investors, end users and surrounding communities via the acquisition, development, management and eventual sale of each portfolio investment.

  • Process is foundational to performance:
    • Find -> Underwrite -> Finance
    • Develop -> Stabilize -> Dispose/Hold

  • Value Creator
  • Deal Architect

    Fortius Capital offers a fee and investment structure that is fully aligned with investors. The firm directly invests alongside members in all projects and will never ask an LP to personally guarantee partnership debt.

    • Fortius employees are awarded a portion of the firm’s carried interest to incentivize consistent performance.

  • Deal Architect
  • Vested Manager

    Our members bet on the jockey, not the horse. A “single-asset-class-sponsor” is confirming an investment’s success is largely correlated to how well that overall sector performs. We look at deals differently.

    • The firm identifies assets that are undervalued, under-managed, misunderstood, or all three.

  • Vested Manager
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