Key Leadership

Fortius Capital's employees are its greatest asset.
Meet the experts behind the scenes of our private equity business.

Blue Skies,
Green Profits

In 2006, Fortius Capital opened its doors to create
wealth and value through opportunistic
real estate investing and development.
-> $1B+ Transactional Volume
-> $100MM+ Total Development Volume

Fortius Capital is a deal sponsor of real estate partnerships, a developer, asset manager and investment property advisor.

The firm sources and capitalizes each deal, designs and constructs the associated real estate, then markets and sells every project.

Great Jockeys Win Before the Start of Every Race

Asymmetric Opportunities

The firm pursues downside-protected opportunities, ensuring appropriate investor compensation for a project’s risk level.

Skin in Every Game

Every employee working on a deal is awarded a portion of the sponsor’s carried interest to ensure project goals are fundamentally aligned.

Superior Team & Performance

Fortius Capital aims to make the wind blow, not simply predict its direction. To understand the specific local price drivers and find those underpriced opportunities, you need a team on the ground who lives and works where they invest. We are that team.
Mountain markets bear limited fruit to an exclusive pool of investors, operators and owners. The firm provides untethered access to rural and high-value resort market investment opportunities with risk aversion built into every project and deal stage.

Real Estate
Investing is Complex

As Sponsor, we systematically simplify our decision-making processes. Here's a list of the firm's guiding investment principles that we check every deal against, twice:

No Single Point of Failure

If there is one point of failure that is firmly out of Fortius Capital's control, the deal is likely not for us.

All Hands on Deck

The firm is involved at every deal stage from initial underwriting through eventual exit.

Invest in Value, Not Class

Find diverse projects that are priced favorably and located in an uptrend market, all classes equal.

Keep Finger on Pulse

Must thoroughly understand the supply and demand dynamics of the asset and market.

Ensure Symbiotic Leverage

Project leverage must be positive and ideally, conservative, for all portfolio investments.

``Eyes-Wide-Open`` Investing

The economy is ever-evolving. When facts or markets change, the firm must pivot swiftly.

A Note from Fortius' Founder

Delivering significant returns for investors through the identification of underpriced opportunities will continue to remain our focus. Like many active members, you may also wish to bet on the jockey, not the horse, or overall sector performance.
For 15+ years I have obtained immense value for my family and community through the procurement of real estate assets. Now, we aim to reproduce results at scale for global investors considering investment opportunities in mountain markets.

Past performance is not indicative of future results.

But, past successes do build a level of confidence in future performance expectations.