Rick Cherry

Rick is a serial entrepreneur, senior marketing executive and founder of multiple technology companies, with a love for golf, hiking, camping and any board sport.
Rick Cherry

Fortius Capital

T: (970) 476-6415
E: rcherry@fortiuscap.com

Rick Cherry - VP, Marketing

Richard is a proven brand builder and strategic marketing professional with a history of launching new, scalable D2C/B2B products and companies that define first-of-kind market solutions/niches in various industry sectors, including: Internet-of-Things (IoT) enabled medical devices, SaaS and Big Data technologies serving the health and wellness (HealthTech), and mortgage and banking (FinTech) industries.

Cherry is a problem solver and story-teller, impacting all critical business activity. He creates unconditional bonds between brands and its respective consumer through the humanization of technology to entice mass adoption.

Cherry is a private-equity investor and impact entrepreneur delivering innovative solutions surrounding proptech, fintech, health-tech and Alternative Medicine, as well as anything - Blockchain, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-related.

Cherry is also the founder/co-founder of multiple companies in the non-profit, digital marketing and health-technology spaces.

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