A Post-COVID Unicorn: the Right Resort Deal at the Right Time that Actually Pencils

The right resort deal at the right time that actually pencils can feel like a Unicorn.

If I were looking for quality commercial and residential investments or development projects in high value mountain and vacation markets without access to the right local professionals, principals, owners and key stakeholders, you might say to me, “it’s going to be tough finding the right deal at the right time to participate in a potentially lucrative investment”. With such limited and valuable opportunities in cherished markets, it’s easy to get caught in a pattern of seeing quality deals after they go under contract.
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Sound familiar? I’d agree with you, which is why over the last two decades our team has fostered meaningful relationships with movers and shakers of various types in high value mountain markets; in regions we currently operate and in new markets we’re considering for future development. And, because we are the sponsor, operator and builder for almost all of our deals, there is no middle man, or woman. In fact, let this letter serve as a formal invitation to acquire unfiltered access to my office directly, the Founder, CEO and ultimate decision maker on every project and investment.

For a few select investors, I will provide a direct line of sight, what you can consider actionable visibility, into meaningful Fortius Capital-sponsored investment opportunities that meet targeted investment criteria, whether commercial or residential in nature. Moreover, although our portfolio is generally focused on affordable mountain housing for local workforces, opportunities spanning various asset classes are frequently considered.

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Upon registration completion, I will contact you to discuss short and long-term synergies based on your method of contact preferences. If interested in discussing current or future investment opportunities immediately, or if you know of properties or land in mountain markets we may be interested in acquiring, please email my team at invest@fortiuscap.com to begin identifying how we might best support you or your firm.


Mike Pearson
President & CEO

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