Why the Time is Now for Mountain Housing

Migration opens doors for Fortius Capital.

The time is now for mountain housing.

We’re enduring an extraordinary year, to say the least. For all, COVID has changed the way we live, work, plan, dress, socialize and certainly, invest. It’s been a generational-game-changer in more ways than one. Many things have happened that most people would have never expected. In fact, if someone would have told me a year ago that a world pandemic and social unrest in several large metro areas would represent a generational real estate opportunity for home sales in the mountain markets, I am not sure I would have bit on that one. Yet, here we are:

The fundamental truth is The Great American Migration will keep my team busy for the next two decades.Mike Pearson

Mountain and resort markets, and the areas that surround them, are no longer just vacation destinations. The recognition from individuals that lifestyle matters, combined with the realization from many businesses that working remotely is not only possible, but perhaps, preferable — will create monumental challenges and opportunities in many tertiary markets. In particular, areas that have traditionally been considered vacation, or second-homeowner markets, may change permanently.

The entire world is in a very interesting time that will continue disrupting life as we know it, and create many challenges and opportunities. For us, I have never been more optimistic or more bullish on real estate in the mountain markets. With rates at extreme lows and the Fed buying massive amounts of mortgage backed securities, housing is very affordable relative to rates. At the same time, credit is tightening for commercial, industrial, and construction loans, while demand for housing has never been stronger in the markets we cover. For a well-capitalized firm like Fortius Capital and for Fund I investors or Family Offices, this a recipe for excellent returns.

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Fund I countdown has begun, as the Great American Migration has accelerated our investment thesis.

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